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"Drink up Beaches"

Enjoy Food, Wine & Fun....

Our menu is listed below. You will love the menu that is paired up with Bubbles, Rose, White and Red Wine.  We will also have specials thru out the month and weekends.  Our 16 dispenser with by the glass pours is spectacular.  We will change those bottles every Sunday, there will always be new wines for everyone to enjoy. We will also be hosting winemakers to come in and get to meet everyone, share their story and enjoy a glass of their wines. Dress up nights for proceeds to go to the winemakers charity of choice.  Great Fun!

Our Wine Club is listed below. Wine Club pickup is the first Sunday of the month. All Wine Club bottles are not in any grocery store. The wines are farm to table. Wine club will also get daily discounts when they eat or drink at the bar. Boutique wineries that have passion, pride and hard work to bring the bottle to the table here at The Wine Beach.

Also available are custom made Mahogany Wine Lockers to be rented monthly at $75. The locker is termperture controlled and holds 12 bottles of wine.  Each locker will have a small plaque engraved with your name of choice. Come in and open your bottles from the locker or take them home and fill it up again  ( All wines have to be purchased on premise, no outside wines can be stored in the locker). Limited amount of lockers, have it as a write off for your business, enjoy your selected wines from our shelves with your friends, never any corkage fee!

Hours of Operation are listed below. Kitchen hours are also listed.  

We are very excited to share our wine world with you.... Come by and enjoy a glass, a bottle and great food. 







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